1.Architect and design millimeter-wave circuits such as PA/LNA/Mixer/Driver/Frequency Multiplier/VCO in advanced CMOS process nodes for various sensing applications

2.Design and modeling of millimeter-wave passive structures including inductors, transformers, transmission lines in advanced CMOS nodes

3.Assist design in other critical high-speed blocks such as PLL/clocking

4.Perform highly accurate millimeter-wave circuit measurements using probe station and other high frequency instruments

5.Work with bench and production testing team to develop automatic testing procedures for millimeter-wave circuits

6.Work with system team to maximize the performance of millimeter-wave front-ends


1.MSEE required,PhD preferred

2.Need to have solid knowledge about wireless systems

3.Solid understanding in microwave engineering

4.Solid understanding in analog/RF circuit design in CMOS technology

5.Familiar with EM simulators such as HFSS/Peakview/EMX

6.High frequency chip production experience is a plus

7.Familiar with high frequency measurement instruments such as VNA/Spectrum Analyzer/Probe Stations

8.Must have basic IC layout skill and can work with custom IC layout designer in floor planning, running LVS/DRC and perform parasitic extraction for post layout simulation

9.Test/debugging knowledge to devise test plan and design for test ability

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  1. NPI handling
  2. Yield enhancement and maintain
  3. New Package review
  4. Mass production maintain
  5. WAT data check & corner data analysis
  6. FA maitain

【 Requestments】

1 .Familiar with Semiconductor process flow

2.Familiar with chip validation,RA,CF/FT sorting function

3.Familiar with FA flow and solution

4.Familiar with data analysis

5.Above 3 Years experience on PE. Has FAB or design house experience is better

6.Good communication skills and teamwork spirit

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1.Must be able to work independently and in a team environment with good interpersonal skills

2.Deep knowledge on digital signal processing

3.Ability to recognize and analyze problems then develop and implement solutions


1.Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering with 3+ years of experience with algorithm design or experience; PhD’s Degree in Electrical Engineering with 1+ years of experience with algorithm design or experience

2.Experience with RTL design

3.Experience with radar signal processing

4.Familiarity with Python/Linux

5.Experience with embedded microprocessor / microcontrollers

6.Familiarity with fixed-point algorithm simulation/design

7.Familiarity with C++

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1.Working on complex digital design verification

2.Working closely with algorithm/system/software engineers performing in depth analysis/evaluation of software,analog, digital architectural partitioning trade-offs and other variable sensor system related factors.

3.Exercising good judgement in selecting methodologies, techniques and evaluation criteria


1.Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering,and Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering preferred

2.ASIC, SoC or FPGA design and/or verification and simulation on sub-system and/or chip level

3.Deep knowledge on ASIC/SoC design/verification methodologies

4.At least 3 years of related experience

5.Good software skills and some level of processor based verification

6.Fluent in Verilog/System Verilog

7.Embedded Software design and test


9.Experience in Test bench design

10.IT Environment like Linux, GIT

11.Experience from verification in lab

12.Ability to write detailed and clear microarchitecture documentation

13.Ability to write detailed and clear verification plan documentation

14.Fluent in English, speaking and writing

Additional desirable skills include:

1.Knowledge in System Verilog Assertions

2.Experiences in Formal verification

3.Knowledge about several standard interfaces, such as Ethernet, I2C, SPI, UART, CAN/CAN-FD, JTAG etc.


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1.Designing and implementing CMOS key transceiver blocks from specifications

2.Able to work in a team to meet scheduled deadlines, perform simulation and participate in layout and testing of the transceiver IC


1.Master required; Ph.D. preferred.

2.Have basic knowledge about wireless systems

3.Good understanding in RF system design and tradeoffs

4.Solid understanding of basic analog blocks such as Op-Amps and voltage and current references

5.Test/debugging knowledge to devise test plan and design for testability

6.Behavior modeling using Matlab/Simulink or Verilog.

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1.Implement radar signal detection and processing functions on FPGA platform for system demonstration as well as pre-silicon emulation/verification

2.FPGA RTL design with Verilog HDL, mapping/PAR/timing closure with Synplify_pro/ISE/Quartus

3.FPGA development flow creation and documentation based on ASIC design

4.Onboard debugging with HW/SW team

5.Specify requirements for the next generation FPGA/HW platform (including device capacity and interfaces and associated debug/add-on hardware/daughter-cards)


1.Bachelor required, and Master preferred

2.At least three years of experience in logic design for FPGA/ASIC

3.FPGA tool chain (RTL, P&R, timing analysis/closure, power analysis, etc)

4.Expert level proficiency with RTL design modification, logic simulation and implementation tools for large complex designs

5.Good understanding of FPGA timing and FPGA (Cyclone/Zynq) architecture/clock system

6.Good knowledge and working experience with commonly used IC devices

7.Familiarity with common lab equipment and tools

8.Good verbal and written communication skills and communicates well across functional groups

9.Experience in wireless communication SoC is a plus.

10.Experience in radar system is a plus.

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【Job Description】

As a Senior/Principal ATE Engineer, you’re joining an exciting startup and will be developing revolutionary silicon products for Advanced Driver Assistance System and autonomous vehicles. You will be responsible for designing the ATE test strategy/hardware/software for chip production. You should be able to fully understand Calterah RF/millimeter-wave products’ functions and performance, and work with the design/packaging/application team to develop a cost effective test solution. You will work with a strong and diverse team in Calterah. Travel to packaging/testing sites is required from time to time.


1.Develop test solution and test plan for manufacturing, qualification and characterization.

2.Develop ATE testing program, for production testing of RF/millimeter-wave transceiver.

3.Develop CP probe card / FT load board and other testing hardware.

4.Work with IC design and application team to deliver optimal test solution for production.

5.Analyze test results and improve production yield.

6.Be a key member of the production team responsible for the IC definition, debug, verification, and production release.


1.Bachelor required, and Master preferred.

2.3 years of experience in ATE testing, able to develop testing hardware and software 3.independently.

4.Solid knowledge on analog/mixed-signal IC testing.

5.Familiar with main ATE platforms such as Advantest V93K.

6.RF testing experience is a plus.

7.Good communication skills in both oral and written English

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1.Co-work with IC design team and antenna design team to fix mmWave IC LAB verification plan, making sure that all the IC performances are covered.

2.Provide the verification schemes for mmWave IC, design and review the layout, and debug issues.

3.Co-work with IC design team and antenna design team to test all the functions and performances for mmWave IC.

4.Debug all the bugs during the testing.

5.Bench correlation for ATE test chip.

6.Prepare application note and datasheet.

7.Develop testing programs.


1.Basic knowledge about wireless systems.

2.Able to use RF/DC testing instruments including spectrum analyzer,oscilloscope, multimeter, and power supply, etc.

3.Able to understand and design PCB using EDA tools such as or-cad/cadence.

4.Able to understand and design PCB using EDA tools such as OrCAD and Cadence.

5.Able to work in a team environment.

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