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Millimeter wave radar is known as an important sensor for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving in automotive industry. Compared with other sensors, radar can operate stably […]

On March 21st, Calterah officially launched its 2nd generation of CMOS mmWave radar chips named SoC Alps family. The Alps family integrates high-speed ADCs, complete radar signal processing baseband, […]

The Alps family includes 40 safety mechanisms to monitor the single point faults of the whole chip and 9 safety mechanisms of “safety mechanisms” to monitor the safety mechanisms’ working state. An in […]

Dr. Zhu Yan with Calterah Addressed IWPC Year 2019 in Germany. Calterah Semiconductor, as a leading mmWave radar sensor chip provider, was invited to the International Wireless Industry Consortium (IW […]