Joining Hands to Fight the 2019-nCov –Calterah Donates Anti-epidemic Materials to Designated Frontline Medical Staff


Together, we will win the battle against the 2019-nCoV. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, Calterah has always been with the frontline medical staff, and has taken proactive action in purchasing anti-epidemic materials through multiple channels. Recently, the goggles donated by Galterah have been successfully delivered to the designated hospitals in Wuhan.

Dr. Chen Jiashu, the CEO of Calterah, said that we should be neither overconfident nor oversensitive to the epidemic. With our joint efforts, we can definitely defeat the virus.

Currently, the epidemic still continues. Since the resumption of work, Calterah has taken various measures to ensure the safety of employees. Employees must have their body temperature measured at the front desk and ensure that their temperature is normal before entering the offices each morning; lunches are all ordered by the company to reduce outdoor activities; masks, disinfectants and sterilizing lamps have been purchased; the offices are disinfected every night; online meetings are recommended whenever possible to avoid gatherings. We do everything we can to fight against the epidemic.

Aiming to tide the frontline staff over the difficulty, Calterah, in the meantime, will continue purchasing anti-epidemic materials via various channels and send them to the frontline as promptly as possible.